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Human Grade vs Human Food- What is the difference?

The Duke Explains 

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Hoomans mistake human grade as being similar to human food. Let me explain from a dog’s perspective.

Don't get me wrong, I love Hooman food...mmm...the smell of bacon and sausage and toasts...makes me *droooool* But I also know they're not good for me! 

Human grade ingredients in dog food simply means there are no unwanted by-products i.e. disposed spare parts and innards, ground up bones, unidentifiable meats, fillers and ash etc.

Let me give you an example. We were offered cheap minced beef from a supplier that  sells to human cafes in Singapore. When asked which part of the cow it came from, he told my Hooman it is the remnants of the cow after all the nameable parts (sirloin, flank, ribs, chuck etc) have all been removed for sale... plus the fats! Sorry to say, but we prefer to stick to our Australian lean Topside mince for our dog cakes and mutt loves. 

Just remember, lean ground beef should contain 90% lean meat and only 10% fat.

If you won’t eat it then please don’t make me eat it too!

I insist on human grade meat, vegetables, olive oil, eggs that my Hooman minions would get from reputable suppliers of premium butchers that are fit for gourmet consumption. Organic is even better!

Trust me, its smells and tastes goooooood when my mummy makes my meals with fresh food and we canines, go by our sense of smell and taste. I can smell it miles away when my Hooman minions prepare my meals...just thinking about it makes me drool again!

What is a balanced diet for my canine like me? 50% meat and 50% combination of vegetables, fruits and good grains like oats, barley and brown rice.

White rice is a no-no unless I'm sick and need easy, digestible food. And don’t throw me your table scraps! There might be onions, soy, chocolate, raisins etc which can make me really sick!

Remember, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives are BAD for us 4 legged ones.

Feed my fur friends well and we won’t need to visit that expensive place called THE VET so often!

Have a happy, slurpy week ahead!


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