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How to Pick The Right Probiotics for Your Fur Baby

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Most of us know why our dogs and cats need probiotics. They help our pets fight off potential bacterial infection in their GI tracts by populating it with good bacteria. It also helps to boost the immunity by helping your pet make important B vitamins, prevents diseases and helps sick animals recover faster. Antibiotics, steroids and stress also diminish good bacteria in the gut, making your pets fall ill more easily, hence, probiotics help to replace these friendly bacteria.

Do you know how to choose a good probiotic for your pet?
Do you know which strains of probiotics is appropriate out of the 58 different strains?

A good probiotic should contain at least 10 strains as each strain has its own function and not 1 strain can do the job of all. Also CFU counts in billions is much better than millions.

For example :
L. plantarum fights viral infections, cancer;
L. salivarius fights fungal infections such as candida; helps the digestive system break down undigested protein and detoxifies the GI tract, may prevent colon cancer;
Lactic Streptococci protects against colitis and IBD (irritated bowl disease);
Lactobacillus caucasicus fights diarrhea;
Lactobacillus GG (L. rhamnosus), protects against respiratory illnesses, treats candida, colitis and diarrhea, reduces stress and anxiety.

Live cultures are sensitive to heat. Give probiotics directly to your pet as cooking or making treats with them will destroy all the benefits.

Choose your probiotics carefully for yourself and your fur pal. Not all are created equal.


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