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Dehydrated Treats That Are Killing Dogs

Not all dehydrated jerkys are the same. Why do some jerkys make dogs sick or even kill them as in the case of the China jerkys? The difference is in the way they are processed.

Jerky is made from raw meat. For us humans, we handle raw meat with a lot of care...making sure we do not contaminate cooked food or our cutlery etc. Why? Because raw meat carries bacteria and parasites. So why should we be any less careful when it comes to feeding a dog raw meat?

In order to correctly process dehydrated treats for your beloved pooches, we, at The Snoring Dog, make sure we freeze our meat for a minimum of 2 weeks before we dehydrate. This is to ensure the bacteria and parasites are killed by the deep freeze so they do not get into your dog's system. We then package them in BPA free bags with oxygen absorbers to reduce bacteria and parasite growth : NO OXYGEN = NO LIVING ORGANISM. That is The Snoring Dog quality and promise!

Be careful when you purchase raw dehydrated treats. Ask about their process and treatment before you buy!

Share this information with your friends so they know what to ask and how to buy dehydrated treats that are made the right way.
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