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How to Get Rid Of Tear Stains

We thought we would share a natural remedy we found for getting rid of tear stains permanently!

Reddish coloured tear stains can be found on some dogs and it is most obvious in light fur coated dogs. The most common cause for reddish tear stains is eye irritation from:

Ingrown eye lash

Eye Infection

Poor diet

Plastic food bowls (believe or not)

Inverted eye lid



What can you do to reduce or prevent this from staining your dog's fur? 

We do not encourage you to use products such as Angel Eyes as they contain antibiotics and you should never allow your dog to be on long term antibiotics.

A more holistic and natural approach will be to use Raw Organic Coconut Oil and Pure Corn Flour to apply on the areas where tear stains are prone.

In the attached picture below, the top pic is a bulldog with bad rusty colours tear stains. Duke was like this before we found this very effective and natural remedy. We tried all ways through food and water but nothing helped much. The bottom pic is Duke 4 weeks after using the natural treatment.

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Here's what we did. After every bath, we will apply organic coconut oil onto his folds and then using fingers, we dab with pure corn flour. Everyday for 2 weeks, we would dab with corn flour and only apply coconut oil after his weekly bath. After the 2 weeks, the stain had lessen by so much that we only did maintenance of weekly applications of coconut oil and corn flour after his bath.

dog remedies, natural cures, dog nutrition, dog recipes

Why would this combination work?

Organic coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties

Corn Flour is a great inhibitor of moisture 

Combined, the 2 products are highly effective to get rid of any fungal or bacterial growth in the moist region where the stains are. The corn flour helps to absorb the excess moisture to prevent more bacteria and fungus from growing. 

It is the perfect 2-pronged approach and it worked beautifully on Duke!

We hope you get the same results of this tried and tested recipe!

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