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Stuffed Hairy Gourd Doggie Dim Sum Recipe

Dog recipes


1 small hairy gourd or Japanese Zucchini

50g minced lean pork

2 french beans chopped

Shredded carrots

1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley

Wolfberries (optional)


 Dog recipes

Peel off the skin of the hairy gourd or zucchini. Mine was a little too green :)

Cut into 2 inch pieces

 Dog recipes

Create a bowl by removing the center but careful not to punch a hole.

Dog recipes

Mix all the ingredients except the wolfberries and stuff them into the 'bowls'.

Place some worlfberries on top.

Dog recipes

Steam for 15-18 mins until the meat is cooked and the squash is soft in texture.

We prefer to steam in a plate or bowl because it will give rise to some delicious and nutritious soup which you shouldn't throw away.

Dog recipes

See the soup that has gathered on the dish?

Cut it up and serve!

Dog recipes

Can also be made into a nutritious human recipe by added some soy and pepper to the meat mixture.


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