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Parchment Wrapped Herbed Chicken

Dog recipes dog bakery in Singapore

A simple yet healthy meal or pawty snack for your best pal!

So easy to do with ingredients you can find in any supermarket or even your fridge, yet looks impressive when you serve it at pawties too!


Chicken Breast (or white fish with firm texture like Halibut or Tilapia)

Carrots (sliced thinly so it cooks faster)

Pumpkin (also sliced thinly)

Rosemary or Basil (Thyme if you are using fish)

Olive oil or coconut oil

Parchment paper (aka baking paper)

Dog recipes


Preheat oven to 180C

Dog recipes

Cut parchment paper into squares according to the size of your meat pieces. Make sure there is room all round so it can wrap neatly and corners tucked in or all the yummy nutrition will flow out.

Dog recipes dog bakery Singapore

Place paper in a diamond shape with 1 corner towards you. Brush with oil.

Place carrot and pumpkin slices in the middle.

Dog recipes dog bakery Singapore

Then your chicken or fish piece with herbs on top.

Dog recipes dog bakery in Singapore

Wrap but folding the bottom corner upwards, followed by the left and right corners and finally fold the last corner downwards and tuck in the end. Make sure the package is tightly wrapped and you have a self secured package.

Dog recipes dog bakery in Singapore

Place the packages on baking tray before putting in the oven.

Bake fish for 20 mins and chicken for 30 mins.

Dog recipes dog bakery in Singapore

Be careful when opening it when it's out of the oven as hot steam will escape. All the nutrition will be retained in that little package.

 Simple to prepare and very healthy dog recipe!

 ** Do note that our recipes are not to be published without our consent

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