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Freeze Dried Kefir Grains


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What is Kefir?

Kefir is a fermented drink that contains yeast as well as beneficial bacteria similar to yoghurt. It is sourish in taste. For milk kefir, the consistency is quite similar to thin yoghurt. 

It helps improve digestion and build immunity. You can use these kefir grains with goat milk, cow's milk or even coconut water.

Lactose intolerant dogs can also take milk kefir as the enzyme would have consumed most of the lactose.

You can now make your own kefir from these freeze dried kefir grains. It only takes a day of fermentation and you can refrigerate for 3 weeks or freeze the fermented kefir.

Each pack makes 1 litre.

Instructions included. Can be sent by local post.


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