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As parents of several fur kids of our own, we want peace of mind when it comes to feeding them, be it meals or treats. With more than 600 Jerky related deaths from dehydrated treats made in USA, we want to be pretty darn sure that their favourite dehydrated treat is handled and made the proper way, even if it means taking longer, using up more electricity and energy. Our processes ensure the elimination of any worm and worm eggs and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

All our dehydrated treats are packaged in BPA Free food bags with oxygen absorbers to preserve the freshness and inhibit  bacterial growth. Once opened, it renders the oxygen absorber usless and we advise to keep all treats in the refrigerator in an airtight bag.

We also scour the island to bring you the best quality organic meats we can find. Our hormone free chicken comes from a farm that is approved by Jaime Oliver himself and is served in some of the finest restaurants in SIngapore, like Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy here in SIngapore. Similar to our other items containing meat, we only use restaurant grade Australian or New Zealand meat as they have no history of epidemic animal diseases.

100% safe, 100% peace of mind.

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