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Sweet Basil Duck Dog Treat


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Duck is a novel protein which means it is highly tolerated by dogs with intolerances to common proteins. This is seasoned with sweet basil to bring out the fragrant game aromas that dogs love! Basil has antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Most Made in USA duck treats are sourced from China because of the low prices where the ducks are pumped with growth hormones and fattened up quickly to be slaughtered and sold. Duck meat in USA costs a lot more than Turkey as there are fewer Duck farms. Our duck is sourced from Singapore owned farms based in Malaysia.

When you open a pack of our Duck jerky, you will smell Duck and not cardboard like what most commercial duck jerky or treats smell like.

Preservative free, non-irradiated, human grade. Packaged in BPA free bags with oxygen absorbers for safe, bacteria free storage. Safe for freezing.

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