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Welcome to our gourmet dog bakery and dog food home delivery bistro!

We started this dog bakery as we wanted truly preservative free, human grade food for our dogs and cats. Bulldogs in general have an average lifespan of about 8 years. So when Duke was about 6 months, we read that feeding a healthy diet was the best way to ensure a healthy dog.

There were not many options back in 2012.

We approached AVA but was informed they did not have a nutritionist on board and neither do they have equipment to test nutrition. Next, we approached the Vet Science Department of Ngee Ann Polytechnic and was also told the same. Disappointed, we started hunting for a course in animal nutrition.

There are many many different canine nutrition courses from different countries. Some are conducted by singular vets and others by various individuals who claim to be animal nutritionists. None was accredited except for 1 that was conducted long distance out of the UK and accredited by the same body that approves of the syllabus and courses created for GCE O and A Level exams. Accreditation means there is a panel of qualified instructors and course designers from different related disciplines - vets, animal nutritionists and educators- to construct a comprehensive and structured course without any prejudice or biasness towards any specific form of feeding.

Our cakes and meals are made in balanced proportions of protein:veg:carb ratios of home cooked diets. We can also custom to cater to dog sensitivities in food.

Our treats are made with due consideration to the entire process to ensure worm free, bacteria free, preservative free treats with a wide range of premium meats.

After all, a healthy dog, makes a happy dog! 

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