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Bling Things - Aromatherapy Pendant


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A special pendant with a piece of lava rock to hold the essential oils.

Pure EOs (Essential Oils) can provide a wonderful sensory environment to your furry pal calming nerves, or providing a protective aura from unwanted pests like fleas and ticks. However, MOST EOs cannot be applied directly onto our furkids, especially cats. 

The porous volcanic rock is non-toxic and is extremely lightweight and all you need to do is place a drop or 2 of the relevant oil, put it back into the pendant and tag it to your furkid's existing collar. No direct contact with the skin!

**IMPORTANT - Only use PURE ESSENTIAL OILS. Cheap oils are usually not pure, so please do use your discretion when purchasing EOs.

List of EOs suitable:

- Clary Sage for calming nerves and help sedates the central nervous system

- Geranium for repelling ticks

- Lavender for nerve calming

- Eucalyptus for repelling fleas

- Lemongrass or Citronella for repelling disease carrying mosquitoes

Suitable for human kids and adults too.

Weight : 12g  




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