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Brownie's Doggo Satay


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Once upon a time there was a corgi named Brownie. She threw a #barkdaybash for her furiends and we decided to surprise her with some doggo satay that we sent with her cake. However, the satay went missing!
To cut the story short, after much detective work and interrogation, we realised it was all EATEN BY A HOOMAN!!
Though the Doggo satay was never intended to go on our menu, we decided to go ahead and called it Brownie's Doggo Satay to remember this interesting tale !!

Succulent pieces of meat marinated for 6 hours and then flash baked in the oven with a homemade special peanut dipping sauce.

Comes in a box of 10 sticks in 1 flavour.

Options - Pork or mutton 

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