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Dehydrated Goat Treats


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Goat is one of the healthiest and leanest protein around. You can refer to the chart in the next photo. It has lower fat, calories and cholesterol than even chicken! 85g of goat yields only 122 calories vs 162 for chicken. In terms of saturated fats, it only yields 2.6g vs 6.3g for chicken. Goat is often mistaken for Lamb or Mutton but it is actually a totally different animal! Airflown free range goat from Australia costs more than venison. Maybe because there are fewer goat farms and lesser demand in restaurants. It does not have the muttony smell at all!

Preservative free, non-irradiated, human grade. Packaged in BPA free bags with oxygen absorbers for safe, bacteria free storage. Safe for freezing.

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