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Dehydrated Tripe Dog Treat


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Tripe contains good digestive enzymes for your dog. Our unbleached, grass fed beef tripe hails from New Zealand! Bleached tripe uses a chemical process to remove the smells and make it white. Unbleached tripe retains the flavour and nutrients.

You don't have to worry about the stink, dehydrated tripe is not smelly but the process of dehydrating is! Your dog will love the crunchy texture, like eating potato chips! Super Crunchy!

We do not use Turmeric on our Tripe because of the low absorption rate when Turmeric is used alone and where there is no fat to assist in the absorption. They are naturally yellow because they are not bleached.

Preservative free, non-irradiated, human grade. Packaged in BPA free bags with oxygen absorbers for safe, bacteria free storage. Safe for freezing.

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